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Over 900 regular and Reserve, both serving and retired Airborne Officers and WO1s, are members of the world-wide, UK Airborne Network (ABN).

The ABN is a not-for-profit group which aims to support RHQ PARA and The Parachute Regiment Charities by disseminating information of a military, social, commercial or charitable nature. Its members come from the wider Airborne family, including commissioned RAF PJIs, our widows, next of kin and foreign exchange officers.


The Airborne Network will act as a notice board for such Airborne related activities as are notified to it by RHQ PARA, any regular or reserve Airborne unit or its members.

The Network does not replace or seek to duplicate any of the existing ‘official’ networks e .g the PRA, but it aims to draw in many with whom RHQ has lost touch, whilst streamlining communications with those still 'close' to the Airborne family. 

Because of the limited capacity of ABN staff, membership at this stage is confined to officers and WO1s..

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