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With the PARAs in Helmand
Author: Craig Allen
Order: Amazon.com

With the Paras in Helmand is an account of the 2008 tour and a percentage of each book sold will go towards the Afghan Trust

Joanna, George, and Henry, A Pre-Raphaelite Tale of Art, Love and Friendship
Author: Sue Bradbury
Order: Amazon.com

Susan is descended from Henry Wells and Joanna and George Boyce...the family have collaborated with well known editor Sue Bradbury to produce a very fine book which was launched recently at The British Museum in London.
If you have the slightest interest in art and the pre-Raphaelite movement, then I commend this book to you.....it is a very handsome production with excellent illustrations of J, G and H paintings and, as it says on the cover, is a fascinating tale of love and friendship and reveals all!

Jumping Beans
Author: Ed Cartner
Order: Amazon.com

Recollections of an ‘oddball’ Royal Air Force Unit contributed by former staff members of No.1 Parachute Training School (PTS) In this informative book, Edward Cartner has gathered the reminiscences of former personnel of No.1 Parachute Training School RAF to create an informal history of what he has dubbed an ‘oddball’ RAF unit.
Its origins lie in World War II when, on the instructions of Winston Churchill, British airborne forces were rapidly expanded in the belief that they held the key to any future plan to drive the occupying Axis forces out of Europe. An intensive programme was needed to train thousands of parachutists and since the RAF alone amongst the Armed Forces had the necessary experience, they were given the job of providing the training, whereas the parachutists themselves were members of an Army regiment.Thus the unusual role of what was later to become PTS came about; an RAF unit, staffed by RAF officers and NCOs but dedicated to training members of the Army’s Parachute Regiments. It was a role in which it would continue long after the Second World War had ended.
The reminiscences of the various members of PTS staff who have contributed to this book provide an insight into the everyday workings and history of this unusual military unit and the unique challenges faced by its Parachute Jumping Instructors (PJIs), whose tales are often laced with black humour, given the daunting nature of the art of parachuting they were called upon to teach to sometimes reluctant students. The PTS motto “Knowledge Dispels Fear” tells its own story in this regard.
Anyone with an interest in parachuting, whether military, professional or amateur, will find a great deal to entertain them in this book, which records a significant chapter in the history of parachuting in the UK.

La chamelière de Bouya
Author: Patrick Champenois
Order: Amazon.com

Et autres histoires d’une frontière éloignée… Il y a du Montfreid et du Kessel dans le regard et le style de Patrick Champenois. L’auteur de La Chamelière de Bouya a vécu deux ans sur la frontière du dernier territoire français d’Afrique, devenu république de Djibouti. Il nous emmène, par la plume et le pinceau, sur les pistes encaissées, dans les campements des tribus, sur la rocaille brûlante, des bords de la mer Rouge aux postes les plus isolés… Les histoires racontées ici sont vécues et véridiques. Ce sont celles de la vie quotidienne, partagée entre aventure et routine, du Groupement nomade autonome. Un hommage à la vie dans le désert « qui ne s’oublie jamais », mais aussi et surtout, à tous ceux qui, Français et Djiboutiens, remplissaient ensemble leurs missions, unis par des liens d’amitié et de fraternité d’armes que l’heure de l’indépendance n’a pas distendus.

Le ciel sans pâlir
Author: Patrick Champenois
Order: Amazon.com

Patrick Champenoisest entré dans l’armée avec l’unique ambition de devenir chef de section parachutiste. Ayant atteint son objectif, il nous fait partager ce qu’il a vécu en sautant à la tête d’une section, d’une compagnie, d’un régiment de parachutistes puis au commandement de l’École des troupes aéroportées.

Dessinateur et aquarelliste, ses textes et ses images évoquent avec une simplicité empreinte de poésie la réalité vécue, de l’inconnu des premiers sauts aux exigences de la chute opérationnelle.

C’est avant tout aux parachutistes eux-mêmes, sans distinction de grade ou d’origine, qu’il rend hommage dans cet album, ainsi qu’à cet esprit qui leur fait accomplir ce que d’autres ne veulent ou n’osent faire. C’est pourquoi son titre s’inspire d’une phrase du général de Gaulle:

Eux regardent le ciel sans pâlir et la terre sans rougir.

Notes From a Small Military
Author: Chip Chapman

Stumbling from a university anarchist meeting into a career in the army, Chip Chapman is aware of how consciously incompetent he is. 

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst confirms his worst fears. He is eventually let loose on 6 Platoon of 2 PARA and, via the Falklands War, manages to elevate himself to a position of conscious competence and save his career. Snapshots on all aspects of military life, and government decision making, show the military at work and play. This hilarious, touching, informative and thought-provoking insight into a generation of soldiering in the late 20th century and beyond is set against the drumbeat of the social and educational rhythms of the age, and the change from the certainties of the Cold War to the nihilism of 9/11. Chip Chapman eventually manages to somehow climb the greasy pole to become a General.

With echoes of David Niven's The Moon's a Balloon, Lesley Thomas' Virgin Soldiers and the travelogues of Bill Bryson, Chapman captures the rawness, spirit and fortitude of the soldier in both peace and war.

The Final Tally
Author: Colonel Philip (Tom) Cobley (MBE)
Order: Amazon.com

The Final Tally encapsulates the career of Colonel Philip (‘Tom’) Cobley MBE, late PARA, which spans 40 years of continuous active service in two Armies, initially commencing with 16 years at the Australian Regular Army, and including a further 24 years in the British Army.

Combat Command
Author: Tom Cobley
Order: Amazon.com

This book is a detailed study into Countering the Physiological and Psychological Effects of Combat on Infantry Soldiers and as such it has been my life's-work. First, during my 41 years (1969-2010) as an active duty infantry soldier and then during this last six years as I have endeavoured to unlock the secrets of how to better prepare our next generation of infantry soldiers for their own first shock of combat. The fact is that soldiers are our nation's most precious resource and this author would argue that our infantry soldiers are the most precious of all.

COMBAT COMMAND: BOOK REVIEW The extent and the depth of the problems of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) facing our veteran community are becoming increasingly apparent. The problem has always been with us but the length and intensity of the recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have highlighted the number of casualties and the life changing nature of their injuries. There is an urgent need for the military community to understand the underlying causes of PTSD and how they can be addressed, both pre-emptively in training, and subsequently in treatment. Colonel Tom Cobley draws on his own extensive personal experience, combined with thorough and extensive research to add to our understanding of the underlying causes of PTSD. Whilst the interview sample is relatively small the dialogue has been thorough and is supported by extensive, detailed, and revealing research. As a result of his analysis he draws some thought provoking conclusions and recommendations. I would recommend Combat Command to anyone seeking to understand PTSD, they will find it a rich seam of illuminating information. His Excellency General Sir John McColl KCB CBE DSO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR) 2007-2011 Lieutenant Governor of Jersey 2011-Present

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