Airborne Forces' Events

Date   Event   Location
18-19 June   BTCC SOPARA Racing Team   Croft, Yorkshire
25 June   National Armed Forces' Day   Cleethorpes
TBC June   ABF Day Midlands   Bedworth
TBC June   Catterick ABF Day   ITC Catterick
16 July   ABN Lunchtime Reception   C&G Club, London
16 July   Airborne 16 Bde Families Day   Colchester
16 July   Eden Camp Pde   Yorkshire
21 July   Airborne 16 Arnhem Room Unveiling   RMAS
25 July   National Armed Forces Day   Grimsby
27 July   Trafalgar Cup - Rugby League PARA vs RM   Plymouth (TBC)
30-31 July   BTCC SOPARA Racing Team   Snetterton Park
TBC July   ABF Day North (Yorkshire)   Eden Camp
TBC July   ABF Day South   Portsmouth
13-14 August   BTCC SOPARA Racing Team   Knockhill, Fife
27-28 August   BTCC SOPARA Racing Team   Rockingham
1 September   75th Anniversary 3 PARA   Colchester
4 September   PARAs 10   Catterick
10 September   Para Regt WOs' & Sgts' P&P Dinner   St Athan
14-19 September   Arnhem Commemorations   Arnhem
17-18 September   BTCC SOPARA Racing Team   Silverstone
29-30 October   PARA 2 Dinner and Service   Stoke Rochford
5 November   EI Gamil - 3 PARA   Colchester
10 November   RBL Field of Remembrance   Westminster
11 November   St Pauls & St Lawrence Jewry Services   London
13 November   Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph Parade   London
13 November   Remembrance Sunday at Duxford - Free Entry   Duxford
18 November   PARA Regt. Officers' Annual Dinner   C&G Club, London


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