Airborne Forces' Events

Date   Event   Location
23 June   PARA Regtl Day   Colchester
24 June   Armed Forces Day UK   Nationwide
8 July   Regt Commemoration Service   NMA
28-30 July   Airborne Logistics Reunion   Colchester
29 July   Airborne Alliance Airborne Forces Day Scotland   Dunfermline
30 September   PARA P&P WOs & Sgts' Dinner   St Athan
7 October   10 PARA Reunion   London
27/29 October   PARA 2 Club Reunion - for more details please go to PARA 2 Club   Stoke Rochford
28/29 October   1 PARA Aden 1967 Reunion   Aldershot
10 November   ABF Memorial Service   St Lawrence Jewry, London
24 November   PARA Officers' Dinner   London


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